Great Ways to Grow Your Business

Your business is going well, and has been for some time. You’ve got enough spare money and now you are confident to expand your business by spend some of it. But how? In this series, we’ll look at a few useful ways you can expand your business in safe and sound manners.

Increase Sales to Your Regular Clients:
Your ability to increase sales to your live clients will depend a lot on the goodwill of your business as well as nature of your business. Obviously, if you sell cranes, then you can only expect commercial customers or construction companies to be regular customers. Small domestic clients (if any)! Unlikely to need another new crane for quite some time!

Many businesses often face considerable challenges at growth phase, it’s worth paying just as much attention to maintaining or increasing sales to regular customers as oppose to attracting new ones.

Think about how you follow up sales
Do you ever maintain a customer database, and ever consider putting customers on a mailing list and sending them out your standard promotional mail? Why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, think about how you could target customers through modern ways more specifically and engage them more.

You could:
  • Customer Segmentation: Try to find out identical requirements and shape them in “customer groups”, produce focussed e-mail meeting precise requirements of a certain group and promote product or service they’re likely to be most interested in. Customer grouping can be prepared through analysing the trends “based on what they purchased or used”.
  • Getting reviews and feedback: You should think getting regular reviews and feedbacks, this could lead to better customer satisfaction, becoming acknowledged the pulse and negative sides of your product or service. This could be done through:
  • Sending them an email to chase feedback whether they’re happy with the purchase/service,
  • Adding up star rating function on your website (if any) and ask them to give the product or service a star rating. 
  • Invite them to write a review of fill in a detailed survey
  • Send out feedback forms (that should be simple and quick to complete)
It’s worth considering offering discounts, free delivery and gift offers to some or all of your mails.

Beware, that excessive promotional emails can be frustrating for customers that could tempt them to hit that ‘unsubscribe’ button – resulting lost of contact and potential customer. For that, it’s always worth having options to choose the frequency or type of emails they receive.

Try achieving the 3 things: Rewards, Retention and Referrals
Think to reward loyal clients with unique offers, prizes and gifts – and be careful being seen to propose the top deals only to fresh customers, or as part of an introductory package.

Try to take quick notice of any feedback that comes your way. Try using what you learn to offer more of what the clients want. Consider adding additional lines or services to your customers. Try keeping customers interested; they’ll soon get bored with same old, same old.

Try bettering your business establishment 
It’s obvious; business grows as its reliability grows. A registered business for tax purpose attracts more customers due to its well known establishment. You can choose well known service providers for vat registration service like WeAccountax for your business registration. If you are very concerned with extra cost involved, don be worry you can register your business by yourself by going through some easy steps, instead getting outsourced vat registration services.

As your business is growing, it’s often worth preventing other businesses to use your business name and goodwill by registering your business trade mark. While based in UK you should not get worry, as there are a lot of well known outsourced providers available for trademark services.

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