Enterprise Research Planning

Term enterprise resource planning was used first time in 1990s when a company extended their various information systems to develop a integrated system for business process reporting in real time. Ever since then the reporting in the business industry has been revolutionized. At first enterprise resource planning systems were only limited to the office related operations and had no connection directly with customers. Later on customer interface was also developed and linked with the back office operations by the help of customer relation management module. E commerce was transfigured and in modern business environment, entire business from customers interface to suppliers everything is completed integrated.

There are two big names when it comes to advance Enterprise resource planning software.

1. Oracle:
From 1970 Oracle applications were being used separately as for a information software for various parts of the organization such as Human resource module system and oracle procurement etc. but in 2009 oracle launched its composite enterprise resource planning software which consisted of integration of all the modules previously being operated separately. Customization in oracle system depending on the demands of the client makes oracle as a top option as it can mold according to the process of the client and provide reports on need basis.

2. SAP: 
SAP enterprise resource planning was developed by the German enterprise and is considered to be the most complete software as for the reports it offers to the user based. In built reports offered in SAP are beyond enough to meet any needs of the client. Multiple company codes and various business areas in that particular company code can be managed.  SAP is considered to be a rather stiff ERP application as compared to oracle and cannot absorb company processes from all angles. Often to shift to SAP, companies are required to modify their processes and policies according the in built requirements of SAP and then implement the software for accurate and controlled ERP reporting for the business.

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning software’s:
  1. Real time Enterprise resource planning software’s improve planning and control for the organization helping company manage their 
  2. Production efficiency is improved by many folds because of accurate and timely reporting eventually issue identification and problem solving with minimum damage.
  3. Decrease in material cost because of effective procurement and payment procedures
  4. Controlled labor cost because of  effective human resource module

An online system management has been also started and various online accounting software UK with WeAccountax are being developed which help the firms to manage their clients online. Accounting software, which is competitive enough to compete with leading ERP software. Indeed with the technology moving at this pace, information technology has a long way to go.
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