Talk to the Trainees at Big Four Firms

Most of the people who are done with their ACCA qualification go to the Big Four (Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG) accountancy firms. This might be the best opportunity they have in this field. These firms offer the graduate's internship programs and graduate schemes. Bookkeeping services in the UK are not that easy. These programs are highly competitive. As there are many applicants but the vacancies are low. If you are planning to apply in any of these firms then you will have to give yourself the best chance of success.

The Big Four have offices worldwide in many cities and towns. The first thing you would want to do is visit the nearest office you have and collect information about all the programs they run. If you find nothing out of this then you will have to look in bigger cities for their wider variety of vacancies. Research about all their divisions and find out which one is the most appealing to you like auditory services or tax etc.  Do not expect that your good grades will work alone for your hiring in any of these firms. The Big Four focuses on the whole personality of the person rather than the grades. They are more interested in what you have done outside your academic record like sports achievements and volunteering.

Which of the Big Four firms should you join?

It might be a difficult puzzle for you to know which of the firms you would like to go for.  They are all quite similar to each other. So, it is all about which firm you reach out to? All these firms are global and work with big clients. They are all hard workers.

They look pretty similar to their professional partnerships and other things but there seemed to be a huge difference in their culture and structure. Catherine Moolenschot, a marketing executive at graduate recruitment specialists says that people hire people they like or the people they think will adapt to the culture of their company. The Big Four are looking for exceptional qualities and are very much focused about their cultural fit. They are looking for people who have excellent communication skills with best leadership qualities and enthusiasm, courage and a global mindset.  Choosing the right person is difficult which is why the application process is so demanding.

Tips for the process of application and early days at the job

At first, you have to make a perfect CV with all your achievements and relevant work experience. You have to make sure that you have no grammar or spellings mistakes in it.

You have to dress professionally and neat while you are processing your application. You should be confident but not arrogant. You should build a good repute in front of your interviewers. You are supposed to keep the balance between talking a lot and talking less. You should have good knowledge about the profession if you are willing to apply for the Big Four.

In the first few days of your job, you must show the best work ethics and feel confident about asking questions. It will clearly show that you are actually learning what they are trying to say. Once you have your clarified, then your managers are colleagues will be assured that you are doing your job well.
Building relationship with your colleagues might also be an important step as if you get caught up in a tricky situation then there might not be much trust issues. This will make it easier to negotiate.

In a nutshell, your academic record matters but it is essential that you show the recruiters that you have got all the fine competencies and qualities the firm is looking for. You have to be the best of yourself at the interviews and complete all the assessments to the best of your ability.  You have to have the aptitude to enter the bookkeeping services London and for that, you have to prove to be the extraordinary out of all. This all depends on how good you hold up to the standards of Big Four.

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